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Incident Response Retainer

Access Incident Response Specialists On-Demand. 

Annual Retainer

Retain our team of fully trained Incident Response Specialists who will assess, respond, and manage cyber attacks and incidents, with the aim to limit damages and reduce recovery time and cost. 

  • Utilise up to 60 hours per year
  • Initial analysis to understand the attack and possible impacts
  • Isolating impacted devices and elements
  • Stopping the attack and prevent further impact
  • Recovery of services and device
  • Event summary report.
  • Travel expenses are subject to extra charge. 
  • You may utilise unused hours at the end of the year for other services such as Penetration Tests/Vulnerability Assessments, etc.

CREST Accredited

As a CREST-approved Incident Response provider, you can be assured of the quality of the organisation and the technical capability of staff in the information security industry.

End-to-End Cybersecurity Support

Our broad range of technical and strategic services will ensure a comprehensive approach to incident response.

Speed of Detection and Response

We speed up response by deploying forensics in the cloud for rapid data acquisition and analysis, and by using workflow automation and security orchestration tools for efficiency and lower operational error rates.

Our Remarkable Clients


Trusted Cybersecurity Partner

Pragma is a CREST approved global provider of cybersecurity solutions. We help organisations strengthen cyber resilience and safeguard valuable information assets with a pragmatic approach.

Currently, Pragma is the trusted partner of some of the world's most successful organisations across a wide range of industries, including 4 of Forbes Most Valuable Brands, 3 of Singapore's Hottest Fintechs, the Best Global Crypto Exchange and 10 of the Top 100 Insurance Companies.

Headquartered in Asia and Europe, and with regional offices around the world, we provide Cyber and Regulatory Consultancy, Incident Response, Cloud Security and Security Testing services.


What Our Clients Say

“The service, the clarity of understanding of the regulation and recommendations improved our platform.”


No-Surprise Competitive Fees

We get our cost structure right so that the fees proposed to you are transparent and competitively priced without impairing our objectivity and quality.


A Solution For You

We understand that no one business is identical. Our solutions are bespoke and aim to empower your business with the right tools and technology to grow.

This means having a collaborative approach while working with your team and listening to you.

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Dedicated Expertise

The team dedicated to you has deep cybersecurity knowledge and experience across financial services, technology, media, telecommunication and government agencies.

Choosing a cybersecurity solution partner is like going to a tailor. There’s no one size that fits all. At Pragma, solutions are tailored for your organisation.

- Geoff and Manish, co-founders of Pragma